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Sheena Orchids has been in business since 1976.
We are located to Chiba-prefecture away 60 miles from Tokyo.
Sheena Orchids is a supplier of original phalaenopsis varieties to Europe, United States and China.
Our original variety, RINRIN & RANRAN (2002) and CHUNRY (2012) were awarded to FLORIARD.
We are also grower to flower markets, gardencenters and florists in Japan.
We offer ready made orchid arrangements with original box and pot.
Thank you for choosing Sheena Orchids.

有限会社 椎名洋ラン園 〒289-2531 千葉県旭市井戸野3665 TEL0479-63-3251 FAX0479-64-1327
胡蝶蘭ranran 南青山の胡蝶蘭専門店『ranran』